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The Greatest Polkas You Ever Heard
By The Frank Gubala Band

By on March 14, 2013

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Polka fans will love hearing the remastered THE GREATEST POLKAS YOU EVER HEARD on the CD with 14 selections by the Frankie Gubala Band. Two vocals, Zosia Polka and Sunday Morning Polka are contained along with a bonus track entitled, “Stolen Tears Serenade” written by Frank Gubala and orchestrated by his nephew and Grammy Award nominee, Todd Urbonas. The story will be forthcoming on Utube in weeks ahead and will bring some emotional tears to your eyes.   This is a “must have” CD for your collection, and the suburb musicianship, energetic and driving sound of the band is for you who seek a zippy style of dance and listening music. Also some great obereks and waltzes are featured, including the biggest seller for the band, The Chelsea Hop Polka which really rocks.   You can go to and download the entire album or single tracks, or buy it on the website. It is absolutely refreshing to hear excellence and excitement. You can preview all of the songs before you buy anything. Also, learn more about the band by checking the “about the artist” and expand your knowledge base. Pretty interesting according to polka music lovers.   Frank Gubala Custom Records will be releasing another album in early May featuring the music of Frankie Gubala featuring Bobbie Wolan doing the vocals, and a bonus feature selection recorded in 1932 by Shep Wolan of IPA and RCA fame.   If you would like to order the CD from Frank Gubala, see his ad in the Post Eagle.