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Polish New Castle Radio
Needs Your Help!

By on February 3, 2018

Started in 2010, Robert Mazur, a New Castle native (Pennsylvania), designed and managed a website for the American Polish Central Committee and began incorporating the local ethnic shows on LIVE on the committee’s website.

As interest grew, Mazur decided to build his dedicated website on his own time and Polish New Castle Radio (PNCR) was born.  Showcasing 18 of the area’s top IJs, these talented men and women bring to you, the listening audience, some of the best Polka music in the industry as well as live remotes from some of the FINEST festivals around the area.  During the off hours, you can enjoy a continual play of old and new music.  PNCR and the IJ’s do this for the love of polka music and in no way expect to gain anything financially.

Managing this does not come cheap. There are day to day operating expenses including music royalties and system upgrades just to name a few.

We need your help to keep your favorite PNCR IJ’s on the air.  Why YOUR donation of any size matters.

  • PNCR promotes Polka Music 16 hours a day and broadcasts to all 50 states and to all over the world with intentions of returning to our original 24 Hour format.
  • A donation of $20 will support one month’s worth of royalties for one IJ
  • Typical system upgrades can run anywhere from $50 – $2,000, your donation can help defray that cost and strengthen our broadcasting signal which in turn will get us more listeners
  • Perhaps consider a donation in conjunction with the Polka program you most listen to.  Let him/her know that you appreciate the effort they take to put the show on for YOU, the listening audience.

So if you listen on a daily or weekly basis, why not consider a small donation.  We sure would appreciate it.  It takes everyone to keep us on the air.  Our IJ’s do not get paid.  They do this for the love of the music and for your enjoyment. 

You can donate at:

On behalf of

Robert Mazur, Dave Smialowski, Walter Monstwil, Stanley Wilgocki, Andrew Krystopolski, Kevin Kurdziel, Linda Malachin, Tony Blazonczyk, Brian Kapka, Kevin Dziuba, Brian Chenkus, John Cieplik, John Lesniewski, Robert Pawlak, Freddie & Diane Guzevich, Dan Earl, and Ben Lynn

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