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Letters (Week of 8-20-14)

By on August 20, 2014

Benghazi… Old News???
It’s Not Over Till We Know ALL The Facts!

The President, Hillary and Eric Holder have all said the Benghazi tragedy is old news. Just move on, there’s nothing to investigate here. I, for one, am not willing to “move on” until we get the answers to who is responsible for the killing of our four Americans.

When I watched the Congressional hearings on the Benghazi tragedy, I discovered that 3 people from the State Department and one person from the CIA, acting as whistleblowers, wanted to give pertinent information to Congress regarding the Benghazi tragedy. They asked for lawyers, so they might confide classified information to them. These men were eye witnesses, eager to tell the truth about what happened. Their requests were denied by the Justice Dept. and this President. Don’t you find it curious that Eric Holder sent a magistrate to the Boston bomber’s hospital room to read him his Miranda rights 16 hours into the FBI’s interrogation so he could no longer be questioned, but have denied lawyers to the whistleblowers who have on site information about the murder of our four Americans?

A spokesman from the State Dept. said, they investigated, Hillary testified, and the country should consider the matter closed. The State Dept. found nothing wrong with the handling of the Benghazi cry for help.

To me, this amounts to asking the THIEF to audit the books after huge amounts of money have been stolen by HIM. Does it seem logical to you that the State Dept. is being investigated by THEMSELVES?

One of the many questions I would like answered is who is responsible for hiring the radical Islamic fundamentalist militia group called the MARTYRS of the February 17th Revolution Brigade to provide security for the Consulate? They ran away when the fighting began!

I watched the President’s press conference when he was asked about the whistleblowers who wish to give important testimony about Benghazi. He said he had no knowledge about anything like that. Don’t you think there is something very wrong when the President of the United States, the Commander-in-Chief doesn’t know anything about his agents attempting to suppress the testimony of these loyal Americans who are trying to bring the truth to the public? Why suppress their testimony? Got something to hide, Mr. President?

I am encouraged by the fact that now, Congressman Trey Gowdy is in charge of the continuing investigation and hopeful that he will be able, despite the government’s despicable attempts to block the truth, finally provide the results of a TRUTHFUL investigation.

I will NEVER consider this “old news” until the truth is revealed and those responsible are held accountable!