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Kim Castellano –
Servant’s Heart
Award Recipient

By on December 7, 2018

NEW JERSEY – Clifton’s community leader Kim Castellano, Mission Director of Power of One, was officially recognized for her passion and commitment in serving local families in her community. Castellano was presented with the 2018 Servant’s Heart Award at the Crossroads Cultural Center’s Serving Those in Need Founders Banquet earlier in November at the Brownstone.

Crossroads Cultural Center is in Clifton, NJ. The Centers mission is to make dreams come true for immigrant families, youth and people in need through array of Christ centered services.

Kim Castellano was the first recipient to receive the award and others will follow her lead in years to come.


Power of One CCOM, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to serving the disadvantaged by providing life coaching and outreach to the local community. Power of One is organized to operate as a charitable program for the disadvantaged in providing life coaching, counseling, mentoring, and outreach by means of group, one to one sessions, workshops, conferences and community outreach projects.  Power of One Coaching office is located at 796 Van Houten Ave Clifton.  To learn more, please contact: Kim Castellano, Mission Director, 201-328-2326 or