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Killing Bill O’Reilly

By on April 24, 2017

What You Need To Know… With Ed Martin

In New York and the Swamp (D.C.), the establishment (a collection of feminists, leftists and insider grandees) who attacked Bill O’Reilly are celebrating his demise.  They put a hit out on him and they took the man down.  He’s finished, they think.

But they’re wrong.  O’Reilly, like Trump last November, is winning.  This morning, O’Reilly is a folk hero to the regular folks in America who know the truth.

* * *

What is O’Reilly’s real crime?  It wasn’t his treatment of women.  The left abuses women all the time – see Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, most Hollywood powers, etc.  The unproven accusations against O’Reilly are just a convenient tool for the fight.

No, O’Reilly’s crime is that he is too good at taking on the powers-that-be.  He is a populist who speaks against key tenets of the insider establishment faith especially political correctness and globalism (in the form of corporatism and open borders).  His show is a strong right-of-center populist voice that takes on the status quo.  He beats the political correct police every day!  He says what so many of us feel.

And, most importantly, he is so popular (and therefore powerful) that he is beholden to none of the the powerful insiders in Washington, D.C. and New York.  O’Reilly is easily the most popular media man of the mass movement that is sweeping the country.

All of this is dangerous.  He is taking on big power and they didn’t like it.

* * *

The powers-that-be that took out O’Reilly miscalculated again – like Brexit and Trump.  Here’s how:

A few weeks ago, I was in the Swamp (D.C.) and appeared on one of the cable TV shows.  After the show, a senior executive at that network admitted to me that he and his colleagues were out of touch: he said they still didn’t really understand how Trump won and what was happening.

I assured him that “we the masses” of Americans were not done: we are going to demand more – not less – from our nation and leaders.

Which brings me back to what they just did to Bill O’Reilly.

What the powers-that-be are missing is that “we the masses” are not fooled.  We know it was a hit by the old guard and media.  And the masses will love Bill even more now!  Like the “regular folks” he speaks about and who have been beaten down by the American establishment, O’Reilly is now feeling their wrath.  He now looks like a true suffering American patriot, a persecuted victim of a left wing witch hunt.

O’Reilly will rise again – on some other media format, I bet – and will be bigger than ever.  And Fox seems headed down the path of the other networks.

* * *

Ed Martin was hand-picked by Phyllis Schlafly to succeed her as President of her Eagle Forum organizations.  He is available at

Reprinted with permission from Ed Martin.