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Frank Kasper
#2 On The Ballot
For Clifton’s BOE

By on October 11, 2017

CLIFTON, NJ – My name is Frank Kasper and I am running for the Board of Education in Clifton. Even though I did not win last year, my passion has pushed me to run again. I am running in order to give back to the community and play a role in our children’s lives. I was born and raised in Clifton and have a passion to help in my own backyard. I have a vested interest in the city. I am a newer homeowner and do not plan on leaving. Being an educator has helped me learn the importance of being a team player and being on a cohesive team.


  1. Security should be of the utmost importance. We must ensure our students and staff feel safe during the school year. I would like to research the feasibility of employing more school resource officers throughout the district
  2. I will be committed to working with the finance committee to maintain fiscal responsibility. We cannot keep burdening the taxpayers by increasing the budget by more than the two percent allotment. I would also like to help hold the state accountable. We have been short changed for far too long
  3. I would like to maintain the same standards of education by keeping everyone accountable. Board members must ensure policies and procedures are put in place to ensure our students are receiving the best education possible. When staff members have concerns, administrators must be notified in order to properly resolve them. Administrators must come to us when problems or issues arise so we can find ways to fix them.

Please vote for #2 Frank Kasper in this coming November’s elections on November 7, 2017.