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U.S. World War I Centennial
Commission Launches
Polish American Website

By on June 7, 2018

The Polish American Congress World War One Centennial Committee, under the direction of the Polish American Congress, has obtained official inclusion in the United States’ World War One Centennial Commission as a “Commemorative Partner.”

The goal is to “co-ordinate, encourage and promote the participation of all Americans of Polish descent from across our great nation, to recognize and honor the great contribution of our Polish American forefathers during the Great War.”

On May 4, 2018 the Commission officially launched the Polish American Congress website as part of its national US WWI website. There are two web addresses that both go to the “Polish” home page.

The abbreviated short URL for the site is: which will take viewers directly to the longer form, and site at:

All Polish American organizations, nests, posts, lodges, parishes, schools, museums and individuals are invited to participate and utilize this site.

Once on the site’s home page, beneath the Polish WW1 Centennial logo, there are menu items on the left sidebar. The menu includes projects, stories, events, and monuments and museums.

Beneath that there are participating organizations. Clicking on the logo will take you to the organizations web page. Currently, they are the Falcons, PNA, SWAP-Polish Army Veterans, and Polish Roman Catholic Union.

Stories of service are posted under the stories tab. All are invited to email a paragraph or so story especially with photo of a family or community ancestor that served in WWI.

There is a national events calendar that lists all centennial events across the nation. The events calendar on the PAC site is included on the national calendar.

On the PAC calendar, every group can post its organization’s centennial events, specifically sorting out Polish American events of interest to Polish Americans commemorating the centennial.

Monuments and museum tab takes you to a map of the nation showing the known Polish American museums with addresses and links. The public is invited to submit any related museums, exhibits or displays in their areas. Also, they can post monuments, statues, honor roll plaques erected to Polish American ancestors in their communities.

It is important to note, that all information posted on the site will become part of the US national archives.

Steve Flor, PAC national director representing the Polish Falcons of America, introduced both the resolution, and the motion, unanimously approved by the Polish American Congress Council of National Directors of the PAC held in Chicago in September 2016.

The resolution encourages all Polish Americans across the United States “to commemorate appropriately” the World War One Centennial. The motion resolved to establish the Polish American Congress World War One Centennial Committee.

Flor stated, “World War One was undoubtedly the first major war in U.S. history where Polish American citizens’ involvement played a significant role. From the very first days’ of enlistment setting records in South Bend, Indiana to the Great Peace and Restitution of Poland at war’s end, the legacy of our ancestors actions should be forever known.

“Given the magnitude of this historic event, and its importance in our great American Heritage for so very many of Polish descent, this is a time well suited for the entrusted national mechanism of the Polish American Congress to unite participation from across our great nation and give our ancestors the due recognition that they rightly deserve.”

Appointed by PAC National President Frank Spula, Flor is acting national chairman and has been designated the website’s publishing partner by the Commission.

Flor can be reached at