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PAC President Endorses
Platta For NY Senator

By on September 11, 2018

Dear Polish Americans,

Not often do I get involved with candidates running for office outside of my home state of Illinois.

Mr. Slawomir ( Slawek )Platta,  is an outstanding tort attorney, who in recent months has demonstrated his courage and  strong leadership qualities in mobilizing public support by building a multi-ethnic coalition to stop the removal of the Katyn Monument from the Exchange Plaza in Jersey City. The Polish American Congress also was very much involved in this effort and cooperated with Mr. Platta.

I recently spoke with Mr. Platta, and I am convinced that his professionalism, temperament and involvement in the Polish American community are qualities that will make him an outstanding New York State Senator.

He has the intellectual ability and moral fiber to put the public interest before his own. There are many reasons Mr. Platta merits your vote in the upcoming Primary Election on Thursday, September 13, 2018, as candidate for New York Senator for District 15.

As President of the Polish American Congress, I encourage qualified individuals to aspire for political office.  It is our civic duty to be involved and support one of our own.

Mr. Platta needs your vote!  Your support matters

On behalf of the Polish American Congress,
Frank J. Spula