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Governor Murphy
Guest Speaker At NJBIA
Economic Policy Forum

By on May 3, 2018

by James Dombrowski

NEW JERSEY – The 2018 NJBIA (New Jersey Business & Industry Association) Economic Policy Forum was held recently at NJPAC in Newark with a packed room of business, industry, and union leaders. This breakfast forum is dedicated to exploring technical innovations in New Jersey’s cities with much discussion focusing on Urban Revitalization. It was highlighted by a stirring address from Governor Murphy who spoke about changing and turning around the exodus of businesses and students attending higher education institutions in the Garden State. “We want to keep our high school graduates in state to attend NJ universities and colleges,” noted Governor Murphy. The Governor made a very interesting hockey analogy. He said that what made Wayne Gretzy so great was his ability to not go to the puck where the puck was but go to where the puck was going to be. That analogy speaks to the visionary nature of the new Governor who must turn back eight years of economic chaos inflicted by Gov. Christie.

One of the main themes of the forum was the release of a finding put together by an outstanding post-secondary education task force that addressed the education equation for retaining and attracting New Jersey’s future workforce. The findings discussed the cost of educating high school students only for them to leave NJ for out-of-state post-secondary institutions. NJ leads the nation with the largest net loss of first – time students.

In photo: Michele N. Siekerka, Esq., President & CEO of NJBIA, answers questions directed by members of the Media who were covering the NJBIA Economic Policy Forum.

The NJBIA put together the task force to address the millennial outmigration which can harshly effect the future workforce of the Garden State. The task force brought together members of academia and the business world to see what could be done to keep high school graduates in-state and better educate those students both in college and in high school. Recommendations were also made on affordability and skill building which included vocational-technical and community college education. Career paths were addressed while it was clear that NJ must improve its post-secondary education branding, promotion and delivery.

Governor Murphy also addressed the re-urbanization of the cities as people are moving back to Newark and other cities as jobs are once again emerging in those cities.

Surrounding the forum were booths promoting businesses that were looking to find individuals for employment and also companies involved with office space and personal housing. There was also a company dedicated to help start-up businesses secure funding of a million dollars or less from individuals who want to lend financial support. When you cannot get a conventional bank loan you can hire Crowd Funding NJ, Inc. to help raise up to a million dollars in start-up capital. Crowd Funding can be reached by calling 973-761-8973. Another company that caught my eye was HYR which allows individuals to place an Ap on their phone to look for work in the food and retail service industry. You can check out their site at or call 646-627-8842.

The Governor was very well received as the keynote speaker and took time after his address to chat one on one with the attendees.