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Devils Contribute To Newark

By on August 14, 2018

by Jim Dombrowski

The New Jersey Devils recently showed why sports are an integral part to the betterment and future development of Newark.  Education and making the process better in the City of Newark is paramount to the Devils and the entire Prudential Center organization.  Devils owners David Blitzer and Josh Harris, who also own the resurgent Philadelphia 76’ers, are committed to their home city.

PHOTO: Devils three time Stanley Cup Champion Ken Daneyko and Bruce Driver play hockey with the students which can make youth Hockey fans! Street Hockey is a great avenue to show children the excitement of hockey.

Two fine Charter Schools, B.R.I.C.K. Peshine Academy and Phillip’s Academy Charter School on Central Avenue,  took part in activities spearheaded by the Devils, Josh Harris and the Prudential Center. The B.R.I.C.K. Peshine Academy is a Dream School rooted in the high standards and beliefs which began with its original founding name of Harlem RBI in 1991 when baseball was used as a stimulus to better education.  There are presently Dream Schools in Harlem, the South Bronx, and Newark.  The Dream Charter Schools (K-12) boast a 97 percent graduation rate with 95 percent going to college.

PHOTO: Students of Peshine Academy learning to play street hockey.

Devils owner Josh Harris together with his wife Marjorie and Devils Stanley Cup Champions Bruce Driver and Ken Daneyko teamed up with the staff of Peshine Academy which included Domonique Lee, Rich Berlin, and Chaleeta Hines for a day of learning and recreation!  Deputy Mayor Rahaman Muhammad and the Radio Voice of the Devils Matt Loughlin also participated in the program.  Harris spoke about the importance of education and sports which leads to a successful learning environment and then on to higher education degrees and good jobs/careers. Harris, the father of four, chatted with my son James Adam about his upcoming entrance into Paramus Catholic and his chosen sport of swimming.  Josh was a wrestler.

PHOTO: N.J. Devils and Philadelphia 76er’s owner Josh Harris takes time to chat with Jad recently as the Devils hold a Field Day in Newark’s B.R.I.C.K. Pershine Academy Grammar School.

The Devils involvement with Dream added hockey to its original baseball core. Daneyko and Driver had the children outside slapping hockey pucks around on a set up street hockey rink.  Reading was also an option.

The program that the Devils and the Prudential Center were involved with at the Phillip’s Academy Charter School was a staff day of volunteering to cleanup.   The entire staff of the Devils and Prudential Center made their way to The Phillip’s Academy on Central Avenue where they grabbed garbage bags and brooms, and mops and paint brushes.  Jayson Council of the Phillip’s Academy directed the volunteers who broke into teams working indoors and outside.

Since taking over ownership of the team and arena, The Devils and the Prudential Center under Harris and Blitzer over the past three year have used their love of Newark to donate to charities. They have also been involved with educational institutions, and business and civic organizations so that they can become a solid force in helping to make Newark a better City to work, live and attend events at the Prudential Center which is the home of the Devils. Some of the other events besides the Devils games include concerts and Seton Hall basketball.   

Over 100 employees of the Devils and the Prudential Center gathered at the Phillip’s Academy on Central Ave. for a Volunteering Day of Service.

Jeff Scott an employee of the Prudential Center works along side Jayson Council of The Phillip’s Academy Charter School. Jayson is the lead charitable contribution coordinator for the school located on Central Ave. in Newark. The Devils along with the entire Prudential Center Staff took time off from there office duties to spend the day cleaning and painting the school.