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Clifton Citywide Baseball Tournament

By on June 21, 2018

NEW JERSEY – The three youth baseball leagues in Clifton played a citywide tournament on June 9th and 10th sponsored by the Clifton Recreation Department. All three leagues (Clifton National, Clifton American, and Clifton Midget League) participated in a round robin style-opening round. From there, the top two out of three teams advanced to the final for each age division (8U, 10U, and 12U).

The 8U first round ended with CML on top winning both of its games, followed by Clifton American (1-1) and Clifton National (0-2). The finals were between CML and Clifton American, with CML coming out on top by a score of 3-0.

The 10U first round had CML going 2-0, Clifton National going 1-1, and Clifton American 0-2. In the finals, CML defeated Clifton National in a close game 6-5.

The 12U division was as close as it could be in the first round with all three teams having a 1-1 record. Clifton American came in first with 11 runs against, Clifton National came in second with 15 runs against, and CML came in third with 16 runs against. With a close matchup in the finals, Clifton National defeated Clifton American.

Overall, it was a great weekend for Clifton baseball. The tournament was a big success.


The winning rosters:

Justin Balestracci
Bobby Cross
Harvey Vazquez
Joey Smeragliuolo
Gavin Parga
Jandiel Ortiz
Christopher Arias
Anthony Mendoza
Andrew Garcia
Andrew Costa
Jacob Pirchala
Alex Villa
Mike Smeragliuolo – Manager
Pedro Quinnones – Asst Coach
John Fantry – Asst Coach
Bobby Cross – Asst Coach

Bryan Gonzalez
Xavier McKnight
Tony Morales III
Xavier Vargas
Randiel Medrano
Jonathan Colon
Jayden Olivares
Isaac Mejia
Om Rana
Jayden Rivera
Aarmani Reynoso
Jake Guida
Tony Morales – Manager
Rodney McKnight – Asst Coach
Irving Colon – Asst Coach
Rich Guida – Asst Coach

Clifton National 12U
Andrew Moreta
Andrez Santana
Austin Blesing
David Doremus
Devin Desai
Dylan Colavitti
Eric Perez
Jeremy Sanchez
Marcos Betances
Matthew Rosario
Najati Salim
Peyton Yagins
Matt Yagins – Manager
John Blesing – Asst Coach
Jose Sanchez – Asst Coach
Randal Moreta – Asst Coach

Submitted by Clifton Recreation Department