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City of Clifton Purchases New Street Sweepers

By on June 11, 2013

sweeper_crewforwebNEW JERSEY – On April 3rd the City of Clifton received 3 new street sweepers which now make a total of 7 sweepers for the city. Having cross-trained 2 public work employees it will make street sweeping more efficient for the city incase a trained street sweeper is out. City Manager, Matt Watkins, explains that it “improves out reliability for sweeping so that we are able to sweep more consistently. Previously we had only 4 sweepers for the four sections of the City to be swept. If one was down for repairs, we couldn’t sweep. Now we have redundancy so we can all the time.”

Last year the City picked up 2,083 tons, which proves the importance of quality sweepers in a big city like Clifton. The sweeping schedule is on Clifton’s website in the DPW section. Main streets will be tended to on a daily basis; posted streets weekly and all others will be tended to as need be. If necessary, please contact Clifton’s Department of Public Works should you have any questions or visit Clifton’s website for further information –