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Letters 4-9-14

Stan Skawinski Makes Guest Appearance On The Bandstand! To: The Post Eagle Letter to the Editor: It was really a pleasant surprise recently while visiting the Polish American Society of St. Petersburg, FL to find The Post Eagle Polka Notes columnist Stan Skawinski of Sarasota, FL making a guest appearance on the bandstand with Stan […]

Letters 4-2-14

Keep Your Anti-Catholic Bigotry To Yourself Regarding the letter from Phyllis Merriam in the March 19, 2014 Letters to the Editor I beg to differ with Ms. Merriam’s view point about Bill Donahue and the Catholic League’s support of Pope Francis’ homily about threats to Catholicism. I believe her infuriated ranting only shows that the […]

Letters 3-26-14

Proud To Be A Constituent of Congressman Pascrell Congressman Bill Pascrell District of Columbia Hi! How R ya? Saw picture with article of you and Senator Menendez in The Post Eagle, February 19th issue, in which both of you acknowledged N.F.L. endorsement for your bills to protect young athletic constituents in America.  Both of you make […]

Letters 3-19-14

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Letters 3-12-14

Down Side of Poland Joining The Euro Dear Chris, Your 5 March front page article:  “PISM REPORT:  IS THIS THE FUTURE OF EUROPE?  OPPORTUITIES AND RISKS FOR POLAND IN A UNION OF INSIDERS AND OUTSIDERS, by Anita Sobjak, clearly states the case for Poland’s accession to the European Monetary Union. According to Sobjak, if Poland […]

Letters 3-5-14

Fairness In Tenant/Landlord Disputes Now Law Editor – The Post Eagle Hi! How R ya? Re: “Increase Fairness in Tenant/Landlord Disputes Now Law” (The Post Eagle, Feb. 5). Thanks. (I had personal experience). Tenants in apartment above made NOISE – bangs, thumps day & night in kitchen & bedroom. Went up to talk. Their door slammed in my […]

Letters 2-26-14

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Letters 2-19-14

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Letters 2-12-14

Humor or Deception Re: Alex Karwoski’s letter “Programs Are A Con Job On The American People” (P.E. 2-5-14 ) I can’t help but wonder where it is, the rabbit hole Alex, you fell into to come out with such literary nonsense that offers no basis for rational reasoning or discussion. “Social Security, Medicare …detriment to the […]

Letters 2-5-14

Programs Are A Con Job On The American People RE: To Mr. Richard Hunter! Sir! Everything you mentioned in your letter to the PE of 1/29/14 that Social Security, Medicare, Aid  to Education, Bank Insurance and Unemployment Insurance are all there to help the average  American. Well, that was the intention of these programs. However, all […]