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Letters (week of 8-27-14)

Are You Informed, Involved & Active To Save Our Nation? What are you doing to contribute to society’s well being? Have you conformed to the rules of the self-appointed political correctness police? The Constitution provides for freedom of speech for me and YOU too, without a litany of words and phrases deemed offensive to others. Think about it! Almost […]

Letters (Week of 8-20-14)

Benghazi… Old News??? It’s Not Over Till We Know ALL The Facts! The President, Hillary and Eric Holder have all said the Benghazi tragedy is old news. Just move on, there’s nothing to investigate here. I, for one, am not willing to “move on” until we get the answers to who is responsible for the killing […]

Letters 8-13-14

Post Eagle… An Important Part of Polonia Dear Editor: The letters from Orzel Kalinowski and Pat Grzywacz last week were stunningly alarming and sad. Orzel is simply a raving antisemite whose hatred is so evident it is sad and embarassing. No one who is not consumed by hate would write the way he does or would […]

Letters 8-6-14

Hillary Clinton Is No Friend of Poland… Wants Poland To Pay Editor: John Czop’s column on “Victims of Communism” brought out some pertinent facts (7-16-14). He alerted us to what Hillary Clinton was up to when she was Secretary of State. Clinton adamantly insisted that Poland pay the Jews a $50 billion – plus lump […]

Letters 7-30-14

Now They See The Nature Of The Russian Communists! Editor: When the Russian Communists (we believe) forced the Polish plane with the Polish President and 90 other officials on board to crash, no one much cared in the West. Now, with the shooting down of the Dutch (Malaysian) plane, the West is now learning the […]

Letters 7-23-14

They Won’t Let One Marine Out, But We Let Out Thousands!!!! Today is day 101 that our marine Sargent Andrew Tahmooressi is being held in a Mexican prison for taking a wrong turn at our mutual border and crossing into Mexico. A MISTAKE by a young Marine who was arrested, threatened, chained to his cot […]

Letters 7-16-14

Obama Knows What He’s Doing! Editor: Commentators are saying that Obama doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing. Yes, he does. Obama is a student of the Leftist, Saul Alinsky, of Chicago. The aim of the Alinsky’ites is to down America. It’s time to impeach. Can you imagine that 54% of “Catholics” voted for that pro-abortion […]

Letters 7-9-14

Suddenly 90,000 People Decide To Walk Through Mexico To The U.S.!?! So this President and his cohorts would have you believe that one day last week, 90,000 people in Central America woke up one morning and ALL suddenly decided to walk through Mexico to reach our borders and cross over to be cared for here […]

Letters 7-2-14

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What Nixon Did Is Like Spitting In The Ocean
Compared To What’s Going On Now!

President Nixon was forced to resign over Watergate which, when compared to all the cumulative scandals in this administration today, seems unbelievable. What President Nixon did was like spitting in the ocean compared to all the lies, cover-ups, schemes, selective justice, arrogant disregard for our Constitution, flagrant dismissal of Congress, persistent push of the US/Mexico […]