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New Jersey Curriculum Quits Blaming Poland
For Hitler's Death Camps

Brooklyn, N.Y. “ It was an embarrassing and upsetting moment for anyone dedicated to the assurance that the history of the Holocaust must be accurately recorded and preserved.” This was the way the Holocaust Documentation Committee of the Polish American Congress stated its position after it discovered the New Jersey Department of Education displayed a Holocaust curriculum on its website wrongfully accusing Poles, instead of Germans, as those guilty of exterminating Jews. But after the committee brought the false accusation to the attention of New Jersey’s Commission on Holocaust E… Read more...

To Make or Break America:
9 Proven Ways To Destroy Freedom

History teaches us two things: what works and what doesn’t. After over 200 years of experience, we know definitively what has worked for America. We also know just as definitively, what has caused other countries to fail. America was the first country in history to be founded exclusively on individual freedom. It was an experiment never before done. The outcome was unknown. Today we do know with certainty the wildly successful impact freedom has on people. Americans have created the highest standard of living, along with the best quality of life in human history. While America was grow… Read More...

Art For Heart 2014!

rt_for_Heart-KarmaforwebCHICAGO - September 9, 2014 - Continuing the tradition of successful ART FOR HEART shows since 2010, The Polish Museum of America and Gift from the Heart Foundation (Dar Serca) are teaming up to present ART FOR HEART 2014! The program this year consisting of an Opening Gala October 4th, a Mult… Read More...

Historical Society Plans Reception For Exhibits

cropped_wedding_gownforwebThe Luzerne County Historical Society announces the opening of two new exhibits at the Museum: Germans in Luzerne County and “The Bride Wore”—Wedding Gowns of Wyoming Valley. The first exhibit focuses on the German people of Luzerne County. The exhibit explores… Read More...

Protecting Yourself From Identity Theft

Identity theft affects millions of people each year. Learn the risks and how you can protect your sensitive data from cyber-criminals.  Millions of Americans fall victim to identity theft each year—and their financial losses are in the billions. In 2012, an estimated 16.6 million Americans experienced identity theft, causing losses of $24.7 billion.1 What can you do to help reduce your chances of having your identity stolen? The steps below can help you prevent significant losses. •  Never divulge your credit card number or other personally identifying informati… Read More...

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